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Transpac's pallets, grip sheets, and slip sheets protect product, reduce waste and drive down costs.

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Stop Being Wasteful

Wood pallets might seem cheap on the surface. But the break easily and are only good for a couple of uses before you have to find a way to dispose of them. Then, buy more. They whole cycle takes time and money. Our material handling solutions cut that waste dramatically.

Recyclable. Weather Resistant. Stronger.

Plastic last longer, is stronger than wood, and safer to use. It's also cheaper in the long run. Make the switch today or contact us for a free material handling evaluation.

  • Pallets

  • Separator Sheets

  • Slip Sheets

Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets last longer, are better for the environment, and cheaper in the long run

Separator Sheets

A revolutionary plastic pallet separator board that is tough, flexible, and resilient.

Slip Sheets

A proven, economical alternative to conventional pallets.

RFID Tracking Software

Find what matters with our advanced RFID WMS software

Leasing & Financing

Get the pallets you need, in the budget you can afford.

  • Drive down costs with plastic pallets.

  • Stronger than wood. And safer.

  • Better for your pocketbook. And the planet