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Why RFID? 

  • Companies spend Billions $$$ every year on Enterprise systems like SAP®, Oracle®, etc…only to find the real-time, actionable data they need to make good quality management decisions is corrupt because they are using 40 year old technology (barcodes) that require enormous human intervention.
  • Companies have hit the productivity ceiling with Barcodes and are looking to RFID for Supply Chain Efficiencies.
  • Competitors are using RFID to gain a competitive advantage

At Transpac, we have 3 core principles around RFID:

Use 0HIOZero, Human, Intervention, Operation. Using our 0HIO Principle, we do a process mapping of every facility to take as much “Human Intervention” out of the Operation as possible to streamline operations, increase productivity, and reduce costs.

Must be Real-Time Data – Reducing Costs and Liability is all about Managing what is occurring in your operation…AS IT OCCURS! Anyone can tell you what happened 60-90 days ago…LivePoint® allows senior leaders to make good quality management decisions using Real-Time Data.

Provide Easy Integration with Existing SystemsLivePoint® is easily integrated into any ERP or WMS system. In fact, LivePoint® functions as a “Lite” WMS system so many companies can utilize LivePoint® instead of a WMS system, with superior results.

LivePoint® – Changing from barcodes to LivePoint® is comparable to changing from Typewriters to Computers…it will transform your business, and your customers business, in a big way. Our patented LivePoint® process is the next generation of RFID and functions like an internal GPS system to track any RFID enabled product in a facility…whether moving or stationary.

Where is RFID commonly used:

  • Asset Tracking, especially ones leaving the facility like IBC’s. LivePoint® tracks when IBC’s leave the facility, where they went, and when they are returned…ALL AUTOMATICALLY!
  • Material Flow in for Raw Material & Production (WIP and Assembly Processes)
  • Inventory Control & Visibility

Why Transpac?

  1. SDW® – System Directed Workforce
  2. Our SDW® enables the employees to do their work without management oversight.  Our SDW was designed to provide ongoing feedback to employees to ensure they do the right job each time.