A proven, economical alternative to conventional pallets that can be made in custom sizes and die cut into any shape.


An Economical Alternative to Conventional Pallets

Available in a variety of sizes and configurations, our slip sheets can be made to fit your requirements. These sheets resist moisture and bacteria growth, are cleaner and more durable than fiber board, and use much less space than pallets for shipping or storing.

Why Slip Sheets?

  • Co-extruded top to achieve the COF you require.
  • Dimpled sheet is an option to provide load cushioning and increase COF.
  • 15% more cargo per container compered to pallets
  • Uses much less space than pallets for shipping or storing
  • More durable than wood pallets—last far longer
  • Resists moisture and bacteria growth
  • Cleaner and more durable than fiber board
  • Made out of recycled plastic
Standard size: 43″ x 51″ x .020 mil or .025 mil
Length: 120″
Width: 120″
Thickness: 20 mil to 100 mil
COF: .060
Weight: 1.66 lb per square ft at 25 mils thickness (.753 kg per 929 sq cm)
Options: Die cut corners; scored edges

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